Compendium of Pesticide Common Names

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I receive lots of questions about the Compendium and pesticides, and I try to reply to them all, but I often do not have the information. I hope these FAQs will answer most of your questions.

Additional information

This Web site contains all of the information that I have about pesticides. For more information, you could try the Web sites on my Links page. You could also try using a Web search engine such as Google. You could also ask the official body in your country that is responsible for pesticide registration.

Analytical methods

I cannot provide any information on analytical methods for pesticides. Some methods are available from the Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council (CIPAC).

Buying and selling pesticides

I do not buy or sell pesticides or any other chemicals. The Compendium is NOT a sales catalogue.

Medical advice

I cannot provide any information or advice on the effects of pesticides on humans or on treatment. You should consult a doctor as soon as possible if you have any concerns about exposure to pesticides.

Origin of common names

Common names for pesticides are normally invented by the original manufacturer, and submitted to ISO TC/81 for approval, following the procedures in ISO 257 Pesticides and other agrochemicals – Principles for the selection of common names.

Pest control

I cannot provide any information on using pesticides. I cannot provide any information on how to control pests, weeds or diseases.

Printed version of the Compendium

There are no plans for a printed version of the Compendium. One of the strong points of the Compendium is the ease and speed with which new information can be added and errors can be corrected, and this could not be matched in a book. The closest printed equivalents to the Compendium are The Pesticide Manual and a full set of ISO 1750:1981 Pesticides and other agrochemicals – Common names and its addenda and amendments.

Pronunciation of common names

Common names of pesticides include syllables that are familiar to chemists, but members of the general public often have no idea how to pronounce them. Only a few pesticide names find their way into general-purpose printed or online dictionaries that indicate pronunciation. The pronunciation of common names obviously varies widely in the many countries in which they are used, and so it is not feasible to include pronunciations in ISO 1750:1981 Pesticides and other agrochemicals – Common names.

At one time, the British Standards Institution (BSI) maintained BS 1831 Common names for pesticides in parallel with ISO 1750, and included an indication of the British pronunciation of each name. These pronunciations are included in the Compendium, and have been used as a guide to generate pronunciations for almost all of the substances in the Compendium

Sources of information

Some of the information in the Compendium comes from submissions to ISO TC/81 by pesticide manufacturers. Other information comes from a range of published and unpublished material.

Suppliers of pesticides

I do not have any information about companies that supply pesticides or related chemicals.

Trade names

The Compendium does not contain the trade names of pesticides. I do not have the time or the resources to compile a list of trade names, code numbers and other designations used for pesticides.


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