Compendium of Pesticide Common Names

Help with using the Compendium

This Web site is intended primarily as a reference source for people who already know something about pesticides and their chemistry.

The following pages explain what the Compendium contains and what it can be used for, and give advice on how to make the best use of it.

Features that are intended to make the Compendium easier to use for people with manual or visual handicaps, including access keys.

Basic introduction
For people who do not know much about pesticides or their chemistry.

Browser requirements
Lists of the browsers that work best with the Compendium.

Answers to the most common questions that I receive about the Compendium.

Provides definitions and explanations of some of the technical terms used in the Compendium.

Hints and tips
Useful features of the Compendium that are not immediately obvious.

Describes the purpose of the Compendium, and the data sheets and indexes that it contains.

Site Map
A list of all of the introductory pages for the Compendium, and of all of the indexes and classified hierarchies.

In addition to these pages, some of the indexes have their own Help files; just click the “Help” link near the top right of the browser window.

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