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Compendium of Pesticide Common Names

Chemical Classes

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acylalanine fungicides see acylamino acid fungicides
acylamino acid fungicides
aliphatic amide organothiophosphate insecticides
aliphatic nitrogen fungicides
aliphatic organothiophosphate insecticides
amide fungicides
amide herbicides
anilide fungicides
anilide herbicides
anilinopyrimidine fungicides
antibiotic fungicides
aromatic acid herbicides
aromatic fungicides
aroylcyclohexanedione herbicides
arsenical fungicides
arsenical herbicides
arsenical insecticides
arylalanine herbicides
aryloxyphenoxypropionic herbicides
aryl phenyl ketone fungicides
avermectin acaricides
avermectin insecticides
avermectin nematicides


benzamide fungicides
benzanilide fungicides
benzimidazole fungicides
benzimidazole precursor fungicides
benzimidazolylcarbamate fungicides
benzofuranyl alkylsulfonate herbicides
benzofuranyl methylcarbamate insecticides
benzoic acid herbicides
benzophenone fungicides see aryl phenyl ketone fungicides
benzothiazole fungicides
benzothiazole herbicides
benzothiopyran organothiophosphate insecticides
benzotriazine organothiophosphate insecticides
benzoylcyclohexanedione herbicides see aroylcyclohexanedione herbicides
benzoylphenylurea chitin synthesis inhibitors
benzoylpyrazole herbicides
bipyridylium herbicides see quaternary ammonium herbicides
botanical acaricides
botanical fungicides
botanical insecticides
botanical nematicides
botanical rodenticides
bridged diphenyl acaricides
bridged diphenyl fungicides


carbamate acaricides
carbamate fungicides
carbamate herbicides
carbamate insecticides
carbamate nematicides
carbanilate fungicides
carbanilate herbicides
carbanilate rodenticides
carbazate acaricides
carbonate herbicides
chemical hybridizing agents see gametocides
chitin synthesis inhibitors
chloroacetanilide herbicides
chloronicotinyl insecticides see pyridylmethylamine neonicotinoid insecticides
chloropyridine herbicides see pyridine herbicides
chlorotriazine herbicides
coleopteran attractants
conazole fungicides
copper fungicides
coumarin rodenticides
cyanoacrylate fungicides
cyclic dithiocarbamate fungicides
cyclodiene insecticides
cyclohexene oxime herbicides
cyclopropylisoxazole herbicides


desiccant insecticides
diacylhydrazine insecticides see moulting hormone agonists
diamide insecticides
dicarboximide fungicides
dicarboximide herbicides
dichlorophenyl dicarboximide fungicides
dimethylcarbamate insecticides
dinitroaniline herbicides
dinitrophenol acaricides
dinitrophenol fungicides
dinitrophenol herbicides
dinitrophenol insecticides
diphenyl ether herbicides
dipteran attractants
dithiocarbamate fungicides
dithiocarbamate herbicides
dithiolane fungicides


ethylene releasers


fluorine insecticides
fluoroalkyltriazine herbicides
formamidine acaricides
formamidine insecticides
fumigant fungicides
fumigant herbicides
fumigant insecticides
fumigant nematicides
furamide fungicides
furanilide fungicides


growth inhibitors
growth retardants
growth stimulators


halogenated aliphatic herbicides
heterocyclic organothiophosphate insecticides
homopteran attractants
hydrazide fungicides


imidazole fungicides
imidazolinone herbicides
indandione rodenticides
inorganic fungicides
inorganic herbicides
inorganic insecticides
inorganic mercury fungicides
inorganic rodenticides
insect growth regulators
isoindole organothiophosphate insecticides
isoxazole organothiophosphate insecticides


juvenile hormone mimics
juvenile hormones


lepidopteran attractants


macrocyclic lactone acaricides
macrocyclic lactone insecticides
mercury fungicides
mesoionic insecticides
meta-diamide insecticides
methoxyacrylate strobilurin acaricides
methoxyacrylate strobilurin fungicides
methoxycarbanilate strobilurin fungicides
methoxyiminoacetamide strobilurin fungicides
methoxyiminoacetate strobilurin fungicides
methoxytriazine herbicides
methylthiotriazine herbicides
milbemycin acaricides
milbemycin insecticides
mite growth regulators
morpholine fungicides
moulting hormone agonists
moulting hormones
moulting inhibitors


neonicotinoid insecticides
nereistoxin analogue insecticides
nitrile herbicides
nitroguanidine neonicotinoid insecticides
nitromethylene neonicotinoid insecticides
nitrophenyl ether herbicides


organochlorine acaricides
organochlorine insecticides
organochlorine rodenticides
organofluorine rodenticides
organomercury fungicides
organophosphate acaricides
organophosphate insecticides
organophosphate nematicides
organophosphorus acaricides
organophosphorus fungicides
organophosphorus herbicides
organophosphorus insecticides
organophosphorus nematicides
organophosphorus rodenticides
organothiophosphate acaricides
organothiophosphate insecticides
organothiophosphate nematicides
organotin acaricides
organotin fungicides
oxadiazine insecticides
oxadiazolone herbicides
oxadiazolone insecticides
oxathiin fungicides
oxazole fungicides
oxazole herbicides
oxime carbamate acaricides
oxime carbamate insecticides
oxime carbamate nematicides
oxime organothiophosphate insecticides


phenoxy herbicides
phenoxyacetic herbicides
phenoxybutyric herbicides
phenoxypropionic herbicides
phenyl ethylphosphonothioate insecticides
phenyl methylcarbamate insecticides
phenyl organothiophosphate insecticides
phenyl phenylphosphonothioate insecticides
phenylenediamine herbicides
phenylpyrazole acaricides
phenylpyrazole fungicides
phenylpyrazole herbicides
phenylpyrazole insecticides
phenylsulfamide acaricides
phenylsulfamide fungicides
phenyluracil herbicides
phenylurea herbicides
phosphonate acaricides
phosphonate insecticides
phosphonothioate insecticides
phosphonothioate nematicides
phosphoramidate insecticides
phosphoramidothioate acaricides
phosphoramidothioate insecticides
phosphorodiamide acaricides
phosphorodiamide insecticides
phthalamide insecticides
phthalic acid herbicides
phthalimide acaricides
phthalimide fungides
phthalimide insecticides
physical insecticides
picolinamide fungicides
picolinic acid herbicides
polymeric dithiocarbamate fungicides
polysulfide fungicides
pyrazole acaricides
pyrazole fungicides
pyrazole herbicides
pyrazole insecticides
pyrazolecarboxamide acaricides
pyrazolecarboxamide fungicides
pyrazolecarboxamide insecticides
pyrazolopyrimidine organothiophosphate insecticides
pyrazolyloxyacetophenone herbicides see phenyl pyrazolyl ketone herbicides
pyrethroid acaricides
pyrethroid ester acaricides
pyrethroid ester insecticides
pyrethroid ether acaricides
pyrethroid ether insecticides
pyrethroid insecticides
pyrethroid oxime insecticides
pyridazine fungicides
pyridazine herbicides
pyridazinone herbicides
pyridine fungicides
pyridine herbicides
pyridine organothiophosphate insecticides
pyridylmethylamine neonicotinoid insecticides
pyridylpyrazole insecticides
pyrimidinamine acaricides
pyrimidinamine insecticides
pyrimidinamine rodenticides
pyrimidine fungicides
pyrimidine organothiophosphate insecticides
pyrimidinediamine herbicides
pyrimidinyloxybenzoic acid herbicides
pyrimidinyloxybenzylamine herbicides
pyrimidinylsulfonylurea herbicides
pyrimidinylthiobenzoic acid herbicides
pyrrole acaricides
pyrrole fungicides
pyrrole insecticides


quaternary ammonium acaricides
quaternary ammonium fungicides
quaternary ammonium herbicides
quaternary ammonium insecticides
quinoline fungicides
quinolinecarboxylic acid herbicides
quinone fungicides
quinoxaline acaricides
quinoxaline fungicides
quinoxaline organothiophosphate insecticides


SCLPs see straight chain lepidopteran pheromones
spinosyn insecticides
straight chain lepidopteran pheromones
strobilurin acaricides
strobilurin fungicides
sulfite ester acaricides
sulfonamide fungicides
sulfonamide herbicides
sulfonanilide fungicides
sulfonanilide herbicides
sulfonylurea herbicides
sulfoximine insecticides


tetramic acid insecticides
tetronic acid acaricides
tetronic acid insecticides
tetrazine acaricides
tetrazole fungicides
thiadiazole fungicides
thiadiazole organothiophosphate insecticides
thiadiazolylurea herbicides
thiazole fungicides
thiazole insecticides
thiazolidine acaricides
thiazolidine fungicides
thiazolidine insecticides
thioamide herbicides
thiocarbamate acaricides
thiocarbamate fungicides
thiocarbamate herbicides
thiocarbonate herbicides
thiophene fungicides
thiourea acaricides
thiourea herbicides
thiourea insecticides
thiourea rodenticides
triazine fungicides
triazine herbicides
triazinone herbicides
triazinylsulfonylurea herbicides
triazole fungicides
triazole herbicides
triazole organothiophosphate insecticides
triazolone herbicides
triazolopyrimidine fungicides
triazolopyrimidine herbicides


uracil herbicides
urea fungicides
urea herbicides
urea insecticides
urea rodenticides


valinamide fungicides


xylylalanine fungicides see acylamino acid fungicides


zinc fungicides


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